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This intervention has been designed to help women and girls to start using contraception after they have had an abortion. Our goal is to create a movement of a caring community of adolescent girls and women who empower one another to safely determine their fertility by using appropriate contraception services. That’s why we say “moving forward together.“

What we know.

Our research shows that contraceptive counselling is not always offered when women or girls use medical abortion on their own. Our team has spent time with women, girls, pharmacists, and others in the community and together we have developed some ideas for things that might help people start using a contraceptive after medical abortion and continue to use it. We are now testing those ideas to make sure they work, and people like them. If we need to make changes to improve things, we will do so.

In order to learn how things are working, we ask women, girls, pharmacists and community mobilizers working with us to give feedback several times over the coming 1 ½ years. Sometimes this feedback is in a survey, sometimes in an interview, and sometimes we ask questions over the internet, Facebook, or WhatsApp. We hope that all women and girls who receive support from the Me.You.Us campaign, no matter how small, are willing to talk to us about their experience. We always ask for ideas about how we could make things better. However, people can take part in our activities without agreeing to an interview.