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Nimechanuka is a semi-autonomous platform within Ipas Africa Alliance, run by youth for the youth. We started as a digital platform in the year 2013, providing SRHR information and referrals to adolescents and young people who are social media users and today Nimechanuka participates in different activities across the country.

We are always open to partnering and working with young people in advocating for and providing SRHR information.


Women have the right to make their own choices about their lives and bodies, including whether to have a child and the right to receive the necessary support to realize their choices safely. It is therefore crucial for all – men, women, and young people – to receive information about sexuality and have access to contraception and safe abortion.

Our aim

Each year, over 25 million unsafe abortions put women and girls around the world at great risk. We aim to bring that number to zero. We focus on addressing sexual reproductive health and rights needs of young people through our wide network of partners, countrywide events, and counselors, that aim at ensuring women and girls access sexual reproductive health and rights information and services including pre and post abortion care. In a nutshell we work to ensure that all people have bodily autonomy and can access essential health care they need by developing our programs around their needs and how best to support them.

Snowball effect

The programme’s integrated approach of information and access to contraception and safe abortion will reduce the number of unsafe abortions substantially and structurally. This will inspire other countries with similar problems to adopt such an approach and will likely create a snowball effect. A growing number of women will become aware of their options and safe abortion methods will become increasingly available. Safe abortion methods will become cheaper because of the larger distribution volumes and will therefore also become financially more accessible, giving more women affordable options to decide over their own bodies.

What we do

Contraception Information
Sex Education

Our Partners

Where We Work

Our research across the country shows that contraceptive counselling is not always offered when women or girls use MA on their own. Our team has spent time with women, girls, pharmacists, and others in the community and together we have developed some ideas for things that might help people start using a contraceptive after medical abortion and continue to use it. We…