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How soon after a safe abortion can a woman become pregnant?

By October 2, 2021October 9th, 2021Our Blog, Safe Abortion

A woman/girl can have sex as soon as she is ready after a medication abortion. She can become pregnant again as soon as 8 days after an abortion. If she does not want this to happen, she should consider using a method of contraception. It is safe for a woman/girl to start using almost all contraception the same day she takes the mifepristone pills (or misoprostol).

Explore post MA contraception options

Modern methods of contraception include IUDs, implants, injectables and oral contraceptives. These are highly effective in preventing unintended pregnancy if they are used correctly. There is a wide range of very safe and effective methods available. We know it can sometimes be hard to choose which is the right method for you.

  • The Family Planning app linked on our home page includes a method chooser questionnaire.
  • The contraceptive guide below helps women compare some of the most effective methods.

Importance of Contraceptive continuation

Unintended pregnancy can occur if you stop one birth control method before starting another. To prevent gaps in contraception, get in touch with a health care provider or our community mobilizers to help you evaluate your contraceptive needs and address your specific concerns. This will enable you to continue with the current method or transition to a method that you may like better.

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